Voltex Midrand

Voltex Midrand New and Improved Shopping Expereience

On August 1st, 2022, Voltex Midrand proudly announced the opening of their hybrid section, offering customers an unparalleled retail experience. Where we were previously focused on industry, we are widening our offering to expand to DIY enthusiasts and end users with a wide variety of electrical productsswitches & sockets, cable and wire, tools, lighting to suit every taste, circuit breakers and smart products that can be connected to your Wi-Fi and accessed remotely to make your home more energy efficient and this was promoted at our store opening. Voltex Midrand now also showcases an extensive range of solar and backup solutions such as inverters, batteries and solar panels to reduce the impact of load shedding and to save on costs and electricity usage. The Voltex team is preparing to embrace environmental and social changes within their group, with a focus on promoting energy-efficient products. If you wish to experience top-notch electrical connection, Voltex is the way to go! Be sure to visit one of our branches soon and see for yourself what we have to offer. Over 20 suppliers were present to showcase their product lines during the official launch of the store. Ahmed Baig, the Managing Director of Voltex Wholesale Division & Atlas Cables, stated in his opening speech that they intend to expand their product range to be in line with the latest technology and regulations.  

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